I have set up this blog so everybody that is interested in learning English will have another way to make it. This blog was created to be an open and free communication's channel where everybody is invited to take part, so we will learn English from each other. Every day I will post at least one word with its meaning and an instance using that word. You do not hesitate to collaborate, write your doubts down and make new uses or examples of each word. Thank you so much and let's learn English

domingo, 12 de diciembre de 2010

Craving: A very strong desire for something. Susie had a strong craving for ham during her pregnancy. To have a craving for...

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  1. Amazing!!! What a great idea!! Thanks so much, but no one is going to learn English from me...

  2. You´re wrong because I´m keeping up with you in a little period of time jejejejje