I have set up this blog so everybody that is interested in learning English will have another way to make it. This blog was created to be an open and free communication's channel where everybody is invited to take part, so we will learn English from each other. Every day I will post at least one word with its meaning and an instance using that word. You do not hesitate to collaborate, write your doubts down and make new uses or examples of each word. Thank you so much and let's learn English

martes, 18 de enero de 2011

To settle for: To accept something that is less that actually you would like to have. I wanted to win the prize, but I had to settle for the second position. (Conformarse con)

To settle down: Start living a quiet and calm life, especially when you get married. (Sentar la cabeza) My friends say that I will never settle down. To settle down means to calm down or chill out as well. When you use settle down TO... means to start doing something giving it all your attention. (aplicarse) I settled down to work after the meeting

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